So how many different categories and how many different quotes feature on these pages. See below to find out.

Category Number of quotes
Abortion 1
Accidents 1
Age Estimation 2
Alcohol 5
Anaesthetic deaths 1
Analysis and deduction 3
Arson and fire investigation 3
Asphyxia 6
Asphyxia, autoerotic 2
Assaults 1
Autopsy 7
Autopsy risks 3
Battered baby syndrome 3
Blood stains 3
Bruises 4
Burns and Scalds 3
Capital Punishment 1
Cardiac And Vascular Lesions 1
Cause of death 2
Child Abuse 1
Computers and Forensics 1
Criminal interrogation 2
Dactylography 10
Diatoms 2
Disputed Paternity 1
Dissection and Observation 12
DNA technology 6
Drowning 6
Dyadic deaths 2
Bullet 4
Pulmonary 1
Exhumation 1
Expert testimony 15
Fall from Heights 1
Foetus, age of 2
Forensic Anthropology 2
Forensic Art and Illustration 1
Forensic Ballistics 15
Forensic Entomology 1
Forensic mythology 3
Forensic Odontostomatology 2
Forensic osteology 3
Forensic pathology and forensic pathologists 16
Forensic photography 3
Forensic psychiatry 7
Forensic Radiology 1
Forensic science and forensic medicine 14
Forensic Scientists 3
General 24
Hair 1
Hanging, Judicial 2
Hydrostatic Test 3
Identification 1
Infanticide 2
Injuries 3
Inquest 6
Investigation of Crime 2
Law and Forensics 1
Mass Disasters 2
Microscopy 1
Murder 10
Narcotics 5
Negative Autopsy 1
Petechial Hemorrhages 3
Philosophical 1
Physical evidence 5
Poison, definition of 4
Poisons and toxins 25
Poisons (individual)
Acetaminophen 2
Arsenic 2
Chloroform 1
Datura 2
Gold 1
Hellebore 1
Hyoscine 1
Mercury 1
Mushrooms 2
Phosphorus 1
Strychnine 1
Toads (Poisonous) 1
Police and policing 3
Postmortem Changes
Putrefaction 1
Questioned documents 4
Road side vehicular accidents 3
Scene of crime 2
Serial Killers 1
Sexual offences 11
Sudden Death 1
Suicide 2
Terrorism 1
Thrombosis, Deep Vein 1
Time since death 14
Tire imprint evidence 4
Tongues of slip 1
Trace evidence 6
Witticisms 8
Incised 1
Penetrating 1
Total Categories: 86 Total quotes: 381
Anil Aggrawal's Page of Forensic Quotes and Aphorisms.

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