1. There are only two classes of pedestrians these days - the quick and the dead.

    -Lord Dewar (1864-1930) (Quoted in “The Pathology of Trauma” 2nd Edition, Edited by J.K.Mason, page 17)

  2. Drive slowly, reach safely,
    And not race with the devil,
    To reach the tomb prematurely.

    -S.C. Mestri (Professor and Head, Dept. of Forensic Medicine, KIMS, Hubli-580022, India), in “Preventive and safety measures to be adopted in road traffic accidents”, Journal of Karnataka Medicolegal Society; 9(2): December 2000, pages 28-30 (this quote appears on page 30)

  3. I wasn’t the driver.

    -Statement often made by occupants of an automobile which has been involved in a fatal collision. (cited on page 24 of “Encyclopedia of Forensic Sciences” edited by Jay A. Siegel, Pekka J. Saukko and Geoffrey C. Knupfer. 2000 Academic Press.)