1. The drug test is moving from the bathroom to the barber shop.

    -U.S. News and World Report (Quoted by Heather Pringle in her book “The Mummy Congress - Science, Obsession, and the Everlasting Dead”, Theia, New York, 2001, page 86)

    (N.B. A two-inch-long strand can tell almost five months of personal drug history, as almost all drugs of abuse find their way into hair. Urine test on the other hand can tell only a few days’ drug history. Hence it is much more useful to take samples from the barber’s shop (hair) than from bathroom (urine), especially for employers to screen applicants.)


  1. They hanged ‘em; I execute ‘em.

    -William Marwood

    (N.B. Marwood was the famous Lincolnshire executioner from 1875 till 1883. Before Marwood’s time, executioners simply allowed the victims to suspend from a rope till they asphyxiated slowly over a period of several minutes. For the first time in history Marwood introduced a long drop, breaking victim’s neck, killing him instantaneously, thus lessening his agony. (This quote appears in “The Book of Victorian Heroes” by Adam Hart-Davis and Paul Bader, Sutton Publishing 2001, at page 96)

  2. Question: “If pa killed ma, who’d kill pa?” Answer:”Marwood”.

    -a famous jingle about Marwood in his time. (From “The Book of Victorian Heroes” by Adam Hart-Davis and Paul Bader, Sutton Publishing2001, page 95)


  1. Hydrostatic test smatters of black magic and is a complete waste of time.

    -Bernard Knight (Forensic Pathology, 2nd Edition 1996, page 442-3)

  2. Whatever its fallacies it was a welcome substitute for the torture which had preceded it in questions of alleged infanticide.

    -Professor J. Malcolm Cameron, in his Presidential address to the British Academy of Forensic Sciences, also published in "Medicine, Science and the Law" (1980), Vol 20, No. 1, in the paper entitled "The Medico-legal Expert - Past, Present and Future" page 5